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PT. Solid Logistics operates as an international freight forwarder and logistics service provider. It was established in April 2011 in Jakarta and officially commenced operations in July 2011. Despite being a newcomer, PT. Solid Logistics has already established connections with a global network of freight forwarders and logistics service providers.

PT. Solid Logistics is run and supported by professionals with extensive experience and education in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Our team holds certificates ranging from basic to advanced degrees.

PT. Solid Logistics recognizes that in this era of global trade, customers are not only concerned with import and export services. They also expect us to be their partner and a part of the proper solution in the supply chain, warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

PT. Solid Logistics introduces a unique STAR solution approach. STAR solutions are a set of modules built on our extensive experience in logistics worldwide and our in-depth understanding of specific industries. We are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations.

Solid Logistics,
Your Logistics Way!


To be the best solution and partner for improving your business and supply chain.


To provide excellent services in logistics and supply chain, exceeding partner expectations.

Corporate Values






At PT. Solid Logistics, we're all about delivering cutting-edge, worldwide logistics solutions that not only assist but also elevate your business. We've built a formidable and enviable reputation by consistently achieving just that. In today's increasingly complex business landscape, our philosophy remains refreshingly straightforward. We take the demands of distribution and logistics off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on nurturing your business. This way, we can grow together, hand in hand. Whether your cargo needs to traverse roads, sail the seas, or soar through the skies, Solid Logistics is your trusted partner. We're equipped to handle any size, any weight, anywhere on this globe. Yes, you heard it right – worldwide! Remember, with Solid Logistics, nothing is beyond reach. Embrace Smart choices – Choose Solid.


Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at Solid Logistics. We provide comprehensive, precise, and timely information, ensuring that your assets are valued accurately. Along the supply chain, it's our responsibility to meet your information needs, and we take that commitment seriously.


At Solid Logistics, we're always thinking ahead and moving forward. We bridge the gap between the rigorous demands of logistics and accurate logistics solutions. We're in the process of crafting an ideal infrastructure that caters to the entire value chain – from suppliers to manufacturers, all the way to retailers, all under one roof. Our objective is nothing short of taking Solid Logistics to new heights, making it a role model in the field of Supply Chain Management.


Reliability is the bedrock of Solid Logistics. We do it by understanding your business needs, learning about your vendors, customers, manufacturing processes, and distribution channels. Our pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds as we relentlessly strive to provide the perfect logistics solution for you. When it comes to delivering, rest assured, Solid Logistics consistently meets and often exceeds the stipulated delivery times, ensuring that your needs are not just met but satisfied. So, whenever there's a logistical challenge, remember, Solid Logistics is your reliable partner.

PT Solid Logistics

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Head Office

Ruko Buana no. 2F, Jl. Ciputat Raya,

Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia - 12310

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Sales Office

Graha 415, Jl. Ciputat Raya no. 47,

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Bandung Branch Office

Jl. Venus Bar no. 40,

Manjahlega, Rancasari, Bandung, Indonesia - 40286

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Semarang Branch Office

Jl. Abdulrahman Saleh no. 126

Kalibanteng Kidul, Semarang, Indonesia - 50145

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Surabaya Branch Office

Gedung Rajawali Lintas Group, Jl. Ikan Mujaer no. 48

Perak Barat, Krembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia - 60177

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